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Truly crap...

Ok, seriously... WTF is all that about? So you went on Google and found a picture of Papa Roach, stretched it (explains the large pixels), downloaded or ripped a Papa Roach song and stuck it on in the background, added a fancy loader you probably did NOT make and then posted this crap on Newgrounds. I rated it 0/5 and I hope this get's BLAMMED...

It's people like you who fill up the Portal with crap entries and bring down the overall quality of Newgrounds, here are a few things that I think you should think about:

1. Start with a simple animation, maybe a Stick Man walking or something*

2. Improve your graphics, add colour, features and do some shading.*

3. Have a go at lip synching, record yourself saying some simple things and then animate a mouth to match it.*

4. Try some more advanced animation such as a guy beating the shit out of another guy.**

5. Make a proper fully fledged cartoon with decent graphics, voice acting, lip synch, a good plot, personality, originality and some decent background music.***

Something else that really bugged me were the comments you left on the reviews that people left for this Flash. I actually agree with all of those reviews and so calling people a douchebag (which isn't a word) is not the way to go about making friends... unless of course you want to be a loner. Did you even know that douche is german for stupid? I didn't think so.

Take my advice and come back when you've got considerably better!


McFloggy responds:

Did you even look at my profile, you idiot? I have a 4.05 batting average. I know how to make a fucking flash. And I have real life friends, I don't need to get people on some website who like making flashes of fantasy characters they wish they were to be my friends. And look at that, it made it. Know why? All of my flashes get passed,and that's not my fault. You're the ones voting. And if someone is being a douchebag I'll say that they're a fucking douchebag. And for YOUR information, a douche is used to clean pussies.

At least I have a batting average, fag.

Go get a life. If you think you're better than me, send me a PM and I'll tell you why you're NOT. :-)


That was absolutely fantastic! I chuckled all the way through that video!

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Very good!

That game is so simple yet so addictive. I wish I had imagination like you =]

My Personal Best was 346...

Also I noticed a bug in the game... If you start blowing up your bubble and then right click and click somewhere else then a bubble appears at point (0,0) on the screen and it can change your score to 13.5

But apart from that it's great!

Fion responds:

Simple? Yes. Addicting? Well okay. Imagination? That's just out of the question.

I scored 340 just testing the game to see if it works :D you should play some more, get a better score.

Simple fix for the bug, just don't do it. I'm really lazy and cannot be bothered fixing it, I'm sorry.

Thanks for your review

Josh, 13, Male Hey my name is Josh Yaxley and I'm pretty new to Flash. I'm getting slightly better though now and I think it's time I make a proper cartoon... if I can :P

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